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Wedding Dance

You’re getting married. You’ve set a date. You are figuring out the everything there is to plan for a wedding. There are binders. Plural. Centerpieces is now a word you’ve thought about more than once. You are looking into caterers, dresses, venues, photographers, and you know why you don’t throw rice (by the way that turns out to be an urban legend), and you are struggling to remain on speaking terms with your family without inviting 73252 people to your wedding.

And you’re going to hire a DJ or band. And they’re going to play a song. Many songs actually, but, for that first one, you’ll be alone with your new spouse in the center of what now feels like a gigantic dance floor and it does seem like 73252 people are watching.

Some couples thrive on this. Some couples have learned the entire song and dance from Dirty Dancing. If that’s you, have fun! I hope it’s a hit.

If you’re still reading, then I have a suggestion. Take a few lessons. It will make all the difference in the world. No one expects you to turn suddenly into Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, but you can show them you know what you’re doing. You can enjoy your first dance. You can do more than clutch each other and sway to the music. And, for the rest of the night (and your life together) you can dance together, not just in front of each other.

I have taught hundreds of couples to dance, and I specialize in ensuring wedding couples like you really enjoy that wonderful celebration by turning a stressful moment into a fun and romantic one.

Contact me today to schedule a free introductory lesson.

I guarantee a standing ovation.

What would you say ya do here?

I volunteered for the career day for the 11th and 12th graders at my son’s school and they asked me to explain what I do:

More specifically, they asked me to “please provide a brief job description and list the most important aspects of your current job. This will help our students understand what you do on a daily basis.”

Wanting to be completely honest with these kids who are about to try to pick a school, pick a major, figure out a career, I sent them this:


I lead a plucky team of data scientists, engineers, and analysts in finding undeclared nuclear R&D around the world. We built/bought/integrated the software, begged/borrowed/took the data, fused it together into something that can swing a billion data records at our most difficult questions, and trained people in how to wield the tools we’d built.

Disciplines involved:
– large-scale data analytics
– information modeling
– programming
– machine learning
– information visualization
– persuasion
– patience
– impatience
– not knowing when to quit

What would you say?